November 8th, 2005


Somewhat on track

Today I'm somewhat on track; I almost feel silly for having absentee voted last week, but I'd had so many warnings from people that I wouldn't be fit to be in public... hey, wait... in any case the weather here today seems perfect for an election day and I'll be rooting for my choices after 7 PM when results start in

Anyhow, more fiddling with the html stuff I want to do, arguing with myself about CSS stuff, while trying to get Necessary Evils in order. Latest news? Our cover artist has dislocated his thumb... sigh.

Nethounds tell me that our book rankings have been up and down today, a compilation looks like this:
Book           Amazon

Sword of Orion    10,428           759
Crystal Solider   19,086        12,971   
Crystal Dragon   246,613       191,340
Balance of Trade  47,526        72,977

Ooops, out of Pepsi here at computer central -- back later if news is news.
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