November 7th, 2005


I have some boxes to get rid of ... and other miscellany

I have some boxes to get rid of...

once I'm awake maybe I'll go pile them on the lawn near the border with our neighbor who went south for the winter already...

"The National Weather Service in Gray, Maine has issued a Wind Advisory...
in effect from 8 am this morning to 5 PM EST this afternoon.

West winds of 20 to 30 mph... with gusts to 50 mph... can be
expected during the daylight hours. Winds this strong could result
in scattered power outages as downed tree limbs mat result in
downed power lines".

The good news is that it's blue and breezy already, so the rain has stopped. In a more normal year I guess yesterday's precip would have been flurries and snow, which would be nice, though I think the extreme damp is harder on the hunters than snow. Talk about mixed blessings.

Meanwhile, I've been on the computer some, though my concentration hasn't been great. Today ought to mark something more of a return to normal, though soup as part of two meals a day is still unusual, and I *have* to dunk my 'nilla's -- actually let them soak for awhile -- if I want a snack that's not pudding or cottage cheese. Well, that'll improve.

Dulsey is doing well, and Scrabble is doing better about her being in the house. The older cats are both rather ho-hum about the newbie now, with Uncle Mozart taking the most interest and, in return, being the most interesting. He's played the tail-as-mouse game with her a couple times that we've seen... and Dulsey passed her Saturday test at the vet's, which is good news. Today, however, Uncle Mozart may go to visit to see if he's picked up a droopy eye-lid as a result of Dulsey's kitten grunge.

In official Buy My Book news, over the weekend we saw Sword of Orion, Crystal Dragon, and Crystal Soldier all go through some surges on the various bookstore rankings, with Sword of Orion still hanging at a respectable 831 on Amazon this morning as I type. Over the weekend I spotted Sword at 714, 715, 613, 798, and 642 during random moments of wakefulness. In brief correspodnence with out editor he let me know that I'm being a little ahead of things to be concerned about the book rankings this soon -- after all it doesn't "officially" get released until November 10. ... so, please, if you *do* spot Sword of Orion on an endcap at a Barnes and Noble near you do let us know, for we'd love to hear about it. If you find any of the books mentioned above *not* at a bookstore near you, please feel free to email me the store name, address, and store number (if it's a chain) so I can /s/e/n/d/ /I/g/o/r/ /a/n/d/ /S/n/u/f/f/ let the distributor's sales force know.

I was sorry to have missed the Borders reading and signing by James A (Jim) Hetley over the weekend, but recovery dictated that I be sound asleep in a nap instead of on the road for several hours. I really am sorry -- Jim's got a good voice and I'd have loved to hear him read. However -- his books are in stores, and his take on fantasy is *not* EFP.

Off to the city I am, if I've made mistakes/typos in this post I'll try to fix'em later.
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