November 1st, 2005

Lord Black Cat

Writing life -- hard to fathom some things

Hard to figure things, sometimes. I'm coming off a fairly long weekend drive, followed by... driving out to the PO and other errands today. The weekend drive encompassed about 1310 miles, accomplished between 5:15 AM Sunday and 6:15 PM Monday. I have not been good today about getting other stuff done for some reason, though some behind the scenes and eventually-to-be-revealed html-and-web coding did go on.

For example, in the hard to figure/fathom/fiddle department...
why, at, is the cover for not-Lee-and-Miller's "Class Dis-Mythed" featured...
for Lee and Miller's Crystal Dragon? Surely the proper cover would help sell
books. Surely the Donato ought to be there...

...semi-useless info: Sword of Orion appears at number 45 in the list of books found by searching on the keyword "Sword" at However, the search Sword of Orion seems to be bringing up the Phobos book as No.1, which is OK by me. a similar search at amazon brings up SOO first for the Sword of Orion search ... and if you search "Sword" and use bestselling as the filter... Sword of Orion comes up number 5 behind... A Storm or Swords, Phantom, Chainfire, and The Two Swords, and just ahead of A Crown of Swords, which is due out in two years... that is a search done at... 9:09 Eastern, for purists

At today the rankings for Sword of Orion are all over the place -- running between 500 and 799 according to one correspondent, who was complaining that it would not stay put. Wait, 500 and 800? Not too shabby. Then, a check of the hourly bestseller >science fiction and fantasy > science fiction search brought
up this strange sequence at one point today --

#11 Brave New World
#12 Sword of Orion
#13 Fahrenheit 451

What's this -- are they using Sword of Orion in high school lit classes or something?

For honesty sake -- as I write this we find that the basic sf&f search shows Sword of Orion at #29 and the inner, sf only, trufan search shows this:

#11 Fahrenheit 451
#12 Sword of Orion
#13 Woken Furies

Yes, we're fairly pleased. We hear today from our editor that another magazine has asked for a review copy... OK, cool. So far the customer reviews at amazon are 100% positive... of course, that's with one (1) review hanging there in cyber-space. Go reader!

Counterweight: at Sword of Orion was running in the 13000s today. But hey, there's tomorrow.

Now, a bite to eat, a glass of wine, and some sleep. It'll be strange not to have hear anything from our pal Snuff tonight...

Oh yeah, we have a new cat in the house. More later. At the moment, she needs some scritches.
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