October 29th, 2005

Lord Black Cat

Snippet city -- tell your friends

In case you haven't seen this news elsewhere --

After a furious day or so of HTML action here in East Winslow in the shadow of Unity, we now have Sword of Orion snippets online here...

Also, snippets from the upcoming chapbook... can be found here and
and over there.......

Please feel free to tell your friends these words are available... My correspondents are *not* stuck in front of a computer at work today, so we don't have running totals on any of the BROI (book rankings of interest).

Besides playing with code I spent part of the day winterizing a few windows and an air conditioner; and part online making whirlwind travel plans. I expect to be back in front of the computer on Tuesday unless I find good connections on the road... and I may just leave the laptop home since I can't drive and type at the same time.
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