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it came out of the wordwork

We discover that having friends around the world...
friends around the world means having people send you news while you sleep...

This time, we're told that overnight Sword of Orion was ranked at 795 overall at amazon.com, and hit #20 in the science fiction sub-list... ahead of Ms A. Rand...hehe. Last we looked the amazon ranking was down to... 1136, which isn't too shabby. Meanwhile we see proof that Barnes and Noble is getting behind the book, since Sword of Orion was ranked at a real good... 408! there this morning. We've had some slippage to 502, but hey, this is a good day to order from BN.com or go visit the store while you can still get a copy of the soon to be hard to find first printing...(hey, we can hope!).

If you're stopping by BN or Borders to pick up Sword of Orion you ought to swoop on by the H shelf -- not too far from the L shelf, after all, and see if you can dig up a copy of the new James A. Hetley Dragon's Eye. Has a cover that could be a poster for the swim-team... and good words. Maine author... and I'm sorry that dental stuff has put a crimp on us getting by his signing and readings in the more or less area.

So, today we're printing flyers to stuff into out-going SRM orders, and I'm trying to catch the thoughtwave on some of the website stuff. Thunk, thunk... I dunno.

(Note to editor, publisher, agent: no, we are NOT spending all our time staring at the amazon numbers. We do some of it, and our friends and readers help. If you've read this, you know we can't all work on project number one all the time, eh?)