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it came out of the wordwork

Some links are more fun than others
The other day, a link to some strangeness...

today, we've been given a hint to visit Romantic SF because there's a sudden blurb of interest to us here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory. We're greatly pleased to see this kind of thing: if you have a place we should send review copies to, or know of others who ought to know about our books... talk to me. If you've got a place you can spread the word, please od. The more the word gets out, the more we'll be able to get us both back to writing fulltime.

Oh, this just in: someone somewhere likes us: a discussion about "real science fiction"... Not that I'm not sure I'd rank Battlefield Earth quite so highly, but hey...

The weather today: damp and cool. Cooking lunch is about being hungry, but also a bit about using the oven to heat the kitchen. Oil and asiago(?) bread waiting for the manicotti to finish heating, oh yes. We got up pretty early this morning and had oatmeal... and that tends to leave me really hungry when it wears off... so maybe two slices of that bread... it's small... or three... sigh.

Projects this week include... writing. After lunch and possibly until late, I write. I also clean my room and fiddle and play KPoker... but the goal is to write. Which somehow reminds -- has anyone tried Kat or Beagle?

Well, that's something, anyway
Late this afternoon I talk a walk, dressed in my hunting orange, toward the end of road we live on. Before I'd gone a tenth of a mile there were 5 shotgun blasts, all within the zone I consider "far too close" to home...

so I walked home, and found -- as I expected -- Rolanni waiting for me on the deck, all but tapping her feet over my decision to take a walk during hunting season, when I know better, dammit.

And so we'll hope the basement is dry enough to permit the treadmill to function, and I'll get back in the exercise habit... despite the rain, and despite the shooter violating the law. I *really* deplore the people who want to hunt from the shoulder of the road.

But, also this afternoon, came our authors copies of Sword of Orion, a sure sign that a bookstore somewhere is selling them ahead of the official November 10 release date BN.com is citing. Also today, news that the long-awaited Hal Clement Award parchment will be here on Thursday, assuming the delivery folks don't forget where we live.

Meanwhile, I've maybe solved the problem with the story I've been mumbling at off and on for a month, and it involves not adding a scene nor adding characters...but giving our protagonist a little longer to sit back and watch the pretty people. I hope that's all I need to do, because this needs done so the novel can get moving again.