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it came out of the wordwork

Flood watch, snow in higher elevations...
Lord Black Cat
OK, the beat goes on. Flood watch, snow in higher elevations says the weather report. *We* are currently not in the higher elevations... but I've had the basic snow shovel on the deck for a couple weeks, just in case. Next week they mess with the light vs. time stuff... blech... I still think Maine ought to go to the Atlantic time zone for good.

Yesterday, after a good trip up I-95 to view Kathadin from a safe distance (not going to find me marching along Knife's Edge on my hands a knees, no suh!) we arrived home to discover the internal house temp at 63 degrees and less... so the two heaters we'd picked up at Home Depot just after breakfast at The Governors were somewhat in order. Interestingly, the vert early morning drive to The Governors was through scattered and sometimes extremely dense fog; at some points we'd pass a stand of bright, yellow-leafed trees shining on a hillside while their green or brown cousins were like ghosts beside them. Later the day was blue and breezy... until we turned south and west again to discover that clouds and grayness and followed up to the north. Got home under threats of drizzle after about 6 hours of beautiful, blue-sky day.But assembly was required, of course, and lunch and a nap took precedence...

Ongoing: work on several webpages. I may call for volunteers later this week or even later today to help me make sure things are sorting in the right direction. I hate getting something right in two browsers and then having Internet Exploder not work because of MSoft's non-standard rendering. Rolanni is working on a Liaden Universe(R) InfoDump -- it's been about 4 weeks since the last one already! Me, I feel like I'm too an old fashioned on-the-fly newspaper layout guy to deal properly with building CSS-style pages.

Sword of Orion's pegged at 12,918 this morning, says amazon (but at 95000 at bn.com!), while Crystal Soldier's in the 9000s (14,016 at BN.com)and Crystal Dragon is in the 50000s, slipping from the 40000s it enjoyed yesterday, and is a no-show at BN.com. In case you can't tell, I'm waiting for the coffee to be done, which is why the numbers check -- I've already done the comics and fed the birds and emptied the dehumdifier in the basement.

Do watch for Sword of Orion... we're still waiting for our first sighting in the wild. For that matter we're still waiting for the due-any-day author copies of Sword, and the physical Hal Clement award for Balance of Trade (perhaps they'll arrive in the same shipment tomorrow)...

Just a note about fighting for your religion
As a science fiction writer... I'm supposed to ask, in part, what if.

So: what if a group of Christian fundamentalists tries to take over a US state and, if the Feds don't come to heel, to take that state out of the US in order to "redeem" it?

This is kind of an off-the-wall thing right? I mean, Heinlein and all those others couldn't been thinking about...about people like this, right? I mean, wouldn't South Carolina make a great place to start a civil war... oh, it's been done already?

In the face of all the people killed in the name of God and Allah in the last few years alone, how can this guy think that what he's suggesting would result in anything but hate and, ultimately, fanatic bloodletting?