October 17th, 2005


Liaden Uni verse(R) Companion pre-orders...

are out of town...

Chuck and Becky at the Unity PO did a great job today helping me get the last of the pre-ordered hardbacks on the road... today's mail run was a mix of US and Canadian orders with a few going overseas to Australia, the UK, and etc. The run to Unity was enlivened by a new crew of blac-top ironers suddenly popping up between Winslow and Albion, and by several gusty rain-showers, just for kicks. If you pre-ordered the hardcover LUC and you live in North America you should have it within 5 working days or sooner, assuming you haven;t read it cover to cover already...

Sooo... the living room is almost livable, with most of the boxes gone, and the cat-places re-established. The cats really are pretty decent about letting us use their space for getting these "order-things" together; I think they understand that there's a mystical relationship between orders, cat-sand, and the best crunchies.

I stopped into a store today and heard, as I walked in, Black Sabbath's "Fairies Wear Boots".... I tell you no lie. Why was that such a refreshing feeling? Could it be that I don't understand today's music? Or was I just in a mood?

Tomorrow, real work, if I can't figure a way out of it.
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