October 16th, 2005


Into every life, some rain must fall...

Yeah, but must all the rain fall at once?

We're lucky: biggest problems we've had is some flickering of the lights and some damp spots in the basement. The roof seems to be keeping us dry and though we're in an area with flood warnings and watches we haven't had to deal with anything but a couple inches of rain on the road in a few spots.

Which means we've had time to do other, non-out-doorsy kinds of things.

I'm hoping to deliver the final run of hardcover Liaden Universe(R)Companion pre-orders -- which pretty much means the final available copies of the book -- to the Post Office tomorrow. Also going tomorrow (thanks to rolanni's unrelenting efforts) will be a number of the other SRM Publisher orders that came in through yesterday noon or so. A quick glance at the postage account shows a remarkable resemblance to the amount of postage I estimate on the boxes, which means the local PO guys will be betting on a new daily record from SRM.

Besides signing and packing books, I've been playing with Nvu, which is growing on me; in fact I think I've cleaned up a couple persistent problems in the SRM catalog page and some other SRM-related pages, including an update of the special offers page. Along the way I've practice-installed and de-installed several CMS on different sites we own... watch out world! I do hope to have the expanded genreshop up before November 1.

And in odd moments I've been playing with Second Life, which is about the fifth virtual world system I've tried out. If you're interested in VRML or "immersive universes" this one's pretty good, and I can give you a referral. I note that some people see it as a game, some as a 3D chatroom for adults, and some as a potential money maker -- apparently if you're good with PhotoShop or Paint Shop Pro you can make some real $$, and someone invented a game to use on Second Life that's going to go into commercial release. In addition, you can buy-and-sell in-world goods... interesting! In the distant past (Internet time, that would be several years ago real world) I and several other Friends of Liad tried these kinds of systems out to see if we could do a virtual convention on one of them. Several came close, but were too expensive. This, this might work with the Basic accounts being free to start...-- it looks like, for example, if enough FoL got together we could "buy" an island, get someone to design a tree, and build a mini-Sure Bleak. No, I'm not using a known Liaden Universe name there -- right now they limit the last names (sigh)... but, as I say, if you're interested I can send you a referral and maybe get my own 512 square meters to start homesteading on.... OK, ok... wave to Elan Neruda if you go by over there and I'll try to wave back. You can critique my avatar building. I'd not try Second Life without a high speed connection, by the way...

On the buy-my-book front, Crystal Soldier hardcover is sliding steadily in the face of the upcoming softcover and also likely in the face of Sword of Orion's approaching debut in November. And then, of course, a lot of people are suddenly preordering Crystal Dragon, we're told. Scary, it is, downright scary.

Oh, and did I mention that it's raining here, in the rolling hills between Winslow and Unity? Still. Maybe a movie is in order for some relief, after lunch.

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