October 10th, 2005


Just what a publisher loves to see: an accurate, positive review...

Sometimes people lose track of the fact that...

besides being a writer, I'm an editor and a publisher. And like editors and publishers around the world, one of the things that makes me smile is a good review of one of "my" books. This weekend, I discover from glancing at my SRM Publisher orders page, someone said something nice about a book that I not only published, but one that I actively solicited someone to write. Cool.

Today I got more information. The site with the review is Book Think(SM) which says of itself ...."Book Think is the #1 ranked resource provider for online and open shop book dealers, book collectors, and serious readers".

Featured (part way down) on this week's front page on Book Think is the bright green cover of The Joy of Booking: Webster's Guide to Buying and Selling Used SF & Fantasy Books . I've known Bud Webster a long time and I was pleased to have him say he'd do this books for me, more pleased that he did it, and even more pleased now that others are finding it worthwhile.

Now to stop patting my own back on this and get to the writing.
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