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it came out of the wordwork

Another rainy day. And stuff.
Yep, rain and wind today, and we're warned not to cross bridges with water running over the road bed. No kidding. It's that damp...

For rail fans, look here if you have a decent bandwith and admire heavy duty freight railroading.... I'll note that I traveled that bit of rail in a heritage sleeper about 18 years ago... on account the passenger mainline AMTRAK connection was out of service at the time.

Meanwhile, again for highbandwidth folks, a taste of what it looks like driving through nearby (and aptly named) Waterville ...

I was amazed yesterday to drop by amazon.com and find Sword of Orion ranked 4086... and then the next hour ranked 4860. Numbers meant nothing, but the echoing coincidence is interesting. At the moment the ranking is 8298 -- and still more than a month before the book comes out. Meanwhile, Crystal Soldier's hardcover is running back and forth between 9000 and 22,000 for the last few days, and Crystal Dragon? ... Well... finally the book is listed, and it even has cover art. But hey, 137,776? Whoa.... do tell your friends who don't pre-order the signed editions that this listing is up, will you?

And now, back to re-writing. And re-writing some more, too.