October 6th, 2005

Lord Black Cat

Well... no excuse for it, I guess. A very mixed up post.

Actually, some excuse:

been working on the newly revitalized Linux box, formerly known as Number5. New name... but that's a secret, right?

So I have Evolution installed for mail, and so far I've moved one mail account over. Not sure I like Evolution, but I'm not convinced about Kmail. If you love Kmail, tell me why I should consider it. I've also been working on the new Windows box, which is about where it needs to be. Now I have to finagle some cables so I have access to both from the same seat.

Yes, I will continue to work with OpenOffice, Firefox, and Opera, on both machines.

Yes, I've been using Nvu... not entirely happy with it, but that's me, I think. Basically it's been working and i redid some of the SRM catalog with it this week. I've looked at Scribus... and am not sure I wanna work with it right now. Could use some book templates to help me get started - anyone seen one?

Meanwhile, the visit to the new oral surgeon brings the news that there's been some time, and maybe a bit of bone graft, added to the timeline. Sigh -- if you see me at a convention and I'm not speaking up all that much, that could be it.

Printed a lot of flyers this week. If you'll be at AlbaCon (the NY state one), look for them. We won't be there, sorry to say.

Liaden Universe(R) Companion, Volume One, hardcover is in house and getting signed. In the mail sometime next week. If you weren't on the pre-order list I'm not sure we'll be able to help -- the binder sent real close to the ordered 300.Today Rolanni made up some new flyers for Necessary Evils, and they'll go in boxes we ship out and elsewhere. Going to or involved in a con you can take some flyers to? Let me know and I'll ship you some

So, those of you who know what makes a tree-chart work, and what it takes to be removed... when last I called Florida
my father dropped the information on me that some "rock-and-roll" singer was related to me. I laughed, and said, "yeah, right..." But then he said not to worry, the guy is dead! Anyhow, if JIM MORRISON's grandmother was my grandfather's mother does that mean that Jim Morrison was my great Uncle, twice removed? The sad thing is that during one of his moves my father lost the family tree my grandmother had made up many years ago...

We watched Maverick the other night.. fun, but not something I'll need to see again. We have Casablanca still in house, and ... something else. Brigadoon is on the way.

I hear the books calling my name. Got to go sign and pack. Maybe have some Doors music while I work...
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