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it came out of the wordwork

Working? Sigh...
Here's your chance to help some word workers...

I've been trying to track down current email addresses for the writers involved in Low Port. Most of them I have, but some have been resistant to discovery. If you are (or if you know) a writer with a story in our anthology Low Port, ask them to get in touch. We lost the computer/hard drive with our master list of email addresses and the partials I've come up with simply duplicate the addresses we have to hand. Patrice?

Also, if you've ordered from SRM recently and haven't seen your order, it's likely because we've had to reprint some chapbooks...and the printer's new machine is not yet on a regular schedule. We expect to have the backlogged chapbooks in house by tomorrow evening; then we'll have ot have a mailing frenzy to get them in the mail by Tuesday or Wednesday. With luck, the circa 300 hardbound Liaden Universe Companions will have arrived around then ... last report had the books "released to the shipper" by the end of business today.

Meanwhile, has anyone here played with the really-not-a-toy-but-super-geeky DBAN?