September 21st, 2005


My fault... (skippable, really)

... it's my fault dinner took such a long time. Just so I could eat a hotdog. Who'd have thought it would be such slow going? The good news is that the swelling from the surgery is gone; soon I'll be able to schedule the follow-up, which will mean I'll eventually be able to eat a meal not composed of soup, mashed potatoes, and milk... in reasonable time. I am missing my good, strong, whole wheat rolls something fierce.

...meanwhile it's my fault that all the Liaden Universe Companion softcover pre-orders haven't arrived. If I'd have had a better eye to scheduling they'd have been shipped days ago, before my surgery. Wait.. some were shipped already. I mention this in the face of frantic email demanding to know if I've lost someone's order.'s my fault that the cat wind vane is currently not mounted. Hah! My idea to have a pole put in the cat garden, with the wind vane on top. But the pole I had wasn't good, and who knew there were so many choices in putting a pole in the ground permanently. In Maine you gotta be careful, since those frost-heaves will throw a pole all-a-kilter real quick.... so soon, the cat-vane will be back on display, and it will grace the cat garden, and watch out Bob, we won;t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.'s my fault...

Tomorrow we hit the post office with many boxes of books to ship. There will be long lines behind me. It'll be my fault again.
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