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it came out of the wordwork

Slowly we turn...
Except we're not talking about Niagra Falls...

Thursday morning at way-to-early o'clock I was at the oral surgeon's office; at 7:28 A.M. or so they were slipping the O2 mask over my face at which point I recalled that I had an important message for Richard Michaels at Embiid. Oddly enough, when I woke up I recalled that message and have since transmitted it...

In the meantime I've been not-quite-on-schedule for anything, with Thursday being otherwise a wash and Friday much the same. Saturday Rolanni and I got out for a little bit, yesterday I drove myself out to the store for some supplies...progress. I should mention that it seems to have been raining/misting/fogging pretty much non-stop Thursday through about 4 A.M. this morning.

Today is a beautiful bright blue day with the birds chirping not-so-quietly demanding I fill the freaking feeders before they eat my roof. Also, there are a dozen or so big new wildflowers covered in leftover sparkling raindrops out in the cat garden. A nice day, by the look of things.

Yesterday I did get some work done; opened and worked on a story destined for the yule chapbook; also did some follow-up on Sword of Orion. I got a link in email yesterday: Sword of Orion was running between 49 and 69 in the Amazon list they say represents "the top new and future releases in Science Fiction. Updated hourly." And this morning when last I looked it was ranked #53, right between Kim Stanley Robinson and David Eddings. This is not the same as the overall ranking of books on Amazon, more's the pity... but I think Rolanni told me she saw Sword of Orion in the upper 5,000s at Amazon early today... it seems to be back to 9,000 or so now. Not bad for a book more than a month from being released.... Sword has gotten a couple decent reviews, which I'll try to link to at some point.

And so it goes. A check-in later with my dentist, some back email to get through if I can, some boxes need to be made so we can start shiping the Liaden Universe Companion orders, cats to be scritched. I hope this means we'll be back in at least low-gear for awhile... high gear will have to wait until after a few more doctor appointments and the like.