September 16th, 2005


Sword of Orion by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

I'm hardly here stuff keeping me slow/tired/droopy, but thought I should share some just-in bad news/good news from John Ordover, editor of Phobos Impact books re Sword of Orion...first, the books will not ship on the original schedule, being pushed back to around the 11th of November or so. That's the bad news... I just hate it when book schedules slip that way because I get email blaming me...

The good news: the blame goes to the pre-orders that were so strong they needed to reschedule a larger initial print-run. Mr. Ordover sends his compliments to those who pre-ordered, and those who will pre-order from bookstores -- this'll give the book some presence on those Christmas-shopping bookshelves! It'd be cool if we got enough sales in the heavy-buying season to get on the Locus list, but Sword of Orion will be up against a lot of holiday heavy-hitters.

For my part, I'd like to point folks toward the independent stores for some Christmas buying -- the independents have supported us mightily over the years, and we appreciate it. If you do buy from an independent, tell them we sent you.

Wonder if I'm allowed another nap?
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