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it came out of the wordwork

Off line for a few days
Not much to see here for the next few days, I think. I'll try to catch you all up next week sometime.

In the meanwhile, let me leave you with this. Not quite a meme, but a suggestion: once a day go to the LJ newest post page and scroll through what the rest of the LJ world is doing. This is a risky undertaking because the world can be beautiful and ugly at the same time. You'll find drama, comedy, gross stupidity, rudeness, and news you don't get on your home TV, even if you do take cable. You may see photos you'll wish you hadn't as well as some you're glad to find. It's amazing the range of things you'll see. In short order you'll discover that one of the prime purposes of the internet is to share photos of cats, and of girls holding cameras at arms length to show you their faces... and you'll be able to read, if you want to, tales of true woe.
And if you find an interesting post -- check the friends list for that post. Degrees of separation, indeed.

Catch you next week.