September 11th, 2005

Lord Black Cat



progress of sorts today, and yesterday. Got my machine back yesterday, with directions to watch the room temperature and make sure the cats aren't sleeping against the fan air intake... witness the cat fur and dust removed from the case. Spent an hour or so getting rid of a couple gigabytes of old files; need to do more of that. I may just nuke Word Perfect entire...

I've been slowly moving stuff downstairs -- stuff that came back from DragonCon, that is -- and working on an Infodump which may be out soon. Along the way I've been answering individual email notes that came in from new readers -- nice to see that some of the folks at DragonCon have already read the new-to-them books!

Also spent some time watching the (1953?) production of Kiss Me Kate... part of Rolanni's birthday celebration. She swapped a shot at cake for apple pie this time -- apple pie with ice cream, no candles. The flick and ala mode followed a brunchly meal of leftover moogoogaipan (how many words is that, anyhow?) and dim sum. I note that LJ suggests McGowan, McGovern, magicking in place of moogoogaipan... and I'm not convinced.

And that's what's up, except that cat boxes need to be done, so I'll do them.
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