September 9th, 2005


Home again, too many flowers to count

While we were away our wildflowers... went wild. Dozens of blooms awaited us on our return, which made for a nice welcome home. Also, it looks like the really tiny lily *did* bloom while we were gone.. .sigh. Missed it.

All kinds of stuff going on, including a new cover for Sword of Orion (which can be seen at the listing for the book, hurrah! and then there's this about the Whole line of Phobos Impact books, including ours......

DragonCon was great -- we had dinner with Anne McCaffrey, made a meal with some of the Friends of Liad, were able to deliver a surprise memento of thanks to Ell Ayn for her years of support of the Friends of Liad (this took some scheduling miracles, but it worked).. and we were able to enjoy a more or less impromptu Liaden Lounge thanks to the sudden help of some FoL members...

This machine is running at the moment; when it goes down it's into the shop to see what's up with the intermittent failure to boot/reboot and such...

More when my mind is in gear -- 12 hours ago I was still on the road wondering what we'd eat for supper!
(Note to self: avoid Boston rush hour at end of long drives home from conventions...)
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