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it came out of the wordwork

Live from DragonCon it's....
The Liaden Universe World Tour meets Gaszilla, or, I saw thousands of day lilies today...
none of them red. Also we saw and paid gas prices of $3.29/ US gallon while hearing of local instances of $3.99 per gal.

After 1400 miles or so of road-tripping the authors of the Liaden Universe(r) have successfully penetrated Atlanta's unique cement moats (protected by unique high speed wheeled interceptors) and are now attempting to relax. We have acquired documentation from local confannish authority and also threaded the amazing SPG labyrinth to achieve a quiet sleeping place after approximately 12 hours on the road today.

We commend Buena Vista, North Carolina for their wonderful streamside park complete with loose black angus cattle and ducks near the remains of the spillway and spring. You have to go there to fully appreciate. We also commend Subaru Foresters as long distance runners; Argent today was able to deal with numerous quick-and-necessary maneuvers, enforced highspeed travel, and at not too high a gas-guzzle, averaging on the order of 25-26 MPG while exceeding an average travel speed of 73 mph. Both drivers found themselves slowing down from above 80mph while traveling in company of trucks. Volvo trucks in particular seemed in tune with the Subaru get-it-done philosophy.

More as time permits, hope to see some of you within 18 hours.

(adjusted to fix tired-typing errors of last night)