August 30th, 2005

Lord Black Cat

DragonCon stuff and other news from the laptop

News from the laptop...

Weather being what it is... we're going to be trying to get outta Dodge early, depending in part on if I can snag a reservation on the fly.

As things are currently scheduled at DragonCon we'll be...

signing in Bonn (Marriott) Friday at 4:00 PM
signing in Bonn (Marriott) Saturday 2:30 PM
reading in Williams Sunday at 10:00 am

Not sure if we'll be filling in for no-shows on other panels or not -- we're in touch with a track which might need some fill-ins; we may know more by the convention itself. The thing is that katrina will have messed up quite a few plans so we'll make ourselves useful if we can.

More if something requires, else form the road if the eherport holds out...or if I can find my portable etherport.
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