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it came out of the wordwork

Wet to very wet here, and not a lily in sight
Hope you're keeping dry. Current humidity between the rain drops: 94%.

Here, damp to damper, with me making ice and trying to decide if a change of route is in order... as it it looks like we can expect... about 800 miles of rain on the scheduled route... bleah. Of course if Katrina will do us the continued favor of bearing west of prediction we may have some relief...

Trying to get the laptop in order to keep in touch from the road. Cross-fingers.

Today's lunch....leftovers
Actually, today's lunch is hotdog soup:

two leftover hotdogs,sliced thin
1 can diced tomatoes
pasta sauce leftovers -- about 2 cups
pasta leftovers
dried soup vegies

mixed up with some added leftover veggie water

heated for awhile to hydrate the veggies...

Serve with whole wheat roll and various cheeses

From Toshi
Lord Black Cat
Here we are practicing for the trip. Since my desktop is being somewhat wonkers anyway I figured I should use the Linux laptop for a test-spin. The way things are going, alas, once I pack this up this evening I may not get much in the way of regular access until we get to Atlanta.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if the trouble with the desktop is heat/humidity related. Guess I'll have to check the settings on the heat disconnect... or maybe go the blue-freezy route... We just shouldn't be running the air conditioner all the time. And it isn't that hot... if we had a decent humidity.