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it came out of the wordwork

Today... the last lily of the year, I think.
Here it's a gray, snarly kind of day with high humidity; I'm told this is a result of the hurricane running amok in the gulf -- that's Gulf of Mexico, not Gulf of Maine...

The lily was up and out when I peeked at 7:30 or so; now it's open fully. When I went to inspect a small finch came with me and sat on a branch not three feet from me, chirping a reminder that I hadn't refilled the thistle.

So now the thistle's refilled, the other bird feeder is seeded, and ...
the big news is that I spent much of the morning doing rush back-ups to CD and other hard drives on the home network as this computer began acting up badly. I guess the drive's got about 18000 hours on it...
we'll have to see what gives. This is *not* the time I want to have to be buying a new computer, or even just a new hard drive...

Meanwhile, our trip south continues to look...interesting. As of the 11 am forecast we'll be running down the eastern edge of the hurricane/tropical storm strike probability zone; our closest approach to that zone may be when we're in the Scranton to Harrisburg portion of the run. I hadn't been going to do this now, but looks like I have to update the laptop with the GPS with the new Delorme if it has the power... hey, what's another hour or two out of 36?

About that weather
plonk plonk...

"Is this thing on?"

Gang -- please, if you're anywhere they want you to evacuate for this Katrina thing, do it.