August 27th, 2005


Been up and busy...

So I forgot to do my journal this morning. Bad Kinzel.... I did look before breakfast, however, so I know that...

there's a single red lily out there at the moment, and there's one that can pop at any time. There's a really tiny one I don't have much hope for, also, but chances are that last big lily will be expended before we turn the house over to our cat sitter. Scrabble, BTW, insists that she should be left in charge instead, but we're not sure she'd equitably distribute the crunchies...

Oh wow! Interupted in the midst and had to sing (sigh, no, It wasgreat, but my voice isn't, so i had to sign instead...) for a mystery package -- Tom Peters sent us a copy of his brand new poster of the Liaden Universe(R) Companion cover -- breathtaking!
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Lord Black Cat

More Things happening

As part of the happenings ... I put together an advance subscription page for Necessary Evils. The page I put up is for single orders; once we have cover art and etc it'll eventually be moved to the regular catalog page. If you want to be the first one to order...
oh wait, Rolanni just sang out that someone ordered one already! -- the first in your state, or at least on your block to order one -- now's the time.

Also happening....
as I get experience with NVU -- I see there are some things i really do like and some I dislike intensely. Some of that is working in Windows as I still am on this machine -- it seems to run faster overall than this on a technically much slower Linux machine.

More today as I get in gear, probably. maybe. Might could. Over and out.

(edited to put Lord Black Cat icon in place of the bearded wonder)
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