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it came out of the wordwork

None ... yet
It was kinda cool last night, so no flowers yet doesn't automatically mean none today...
we'll see.

Meanwhile, a Plan B reference! Visit Brewster Rockit for details.

Now? Off for a haircut in the metropolis of Waterville.

News on the book front....
Lord Black Cat
Dear Friends of Liad...and all the ships at sea...

(this will be posted first to the FoL list and then to my blog as
time permits. This *won't* go out on the Liaden InfoDump Network, so
if you know people who only infodump and think they might be
interested, please share...)

So -- good news bad news, we might have known it would come to

Suddenly and without warning we have word from the printer that the
Liaden Universe(R) Companion Vol.1... by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller,
should be fit to ship Monday.

Hoo-ray, hoo-ray! We'd thought we might no get a print queue until
Labor Day week...

Well, yes, but it's raining off the gulf coast right now, and that
means the trucks from the printer will be rushing (as we will)
*toward* the remnants of the hurricane... except that since we we'll
be in Atlanta the shipment of the bulk of the books will be delayed
until we can sign them in person. Here.

In the meanwhile, a shipment of about 120 copies will be shipped to
MM from whence they'll be delivered to DragonCon so several vendors
at the convention can sell them. Assuming the cricks don't rise and
the shipments get through. Got it?

So.... If you've pre-ordered a trade paper of the LUC, and if the
books actually arrive at the convention.... please don't ask the
vendors -- that'd be Meisha Merlin and The Missing Volume -- to give
you your book. They won't have any paperwork for it, and since we
have no clue as to what our schedule will be as yet we won't be able
to do record-keeping there, either.

Speaking of vendors, we will be taking some but not a lot of the more
recent chapbooks with us to the convention, just as we'll be taking
some of the Local Custom audio book with us to the convention. If you
want to pick up an audiobook try to do it early since we'll have on
the order of a dozen or fourteen with us.

We're all winging this -- but it looks like you'll find the chapbooks
and the audiobooks at The Missing Volume, the Liaden Universe
Companion at Meisha Merlin and at The Missing Volume, and your
authors splitting their free-time between the two locations. As far
as we know both locations are upstairs in the exhibitors hall....

Meanwhile, according to Amazon, Sword of Orion by some folks named
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller now has an October 1 publication date.
Hey, that'd be cool, eh? So we'll have two new books out within a
month of each other. ...

And then... those of you who do electronic... will also be able to
get Crystal Dragon in that time frame, I think, so we'll have 3 books
out within 31 days.

Shortly after, like late November, will come Necessary Evils. And
other stuff goes on, bubbling beneath the surface for next year.

Well... DragonCon preps continue...

OK, we got haircuts today and we bought some batteries for our
cameras and we got new mats and cup holders for the Argentmobile,
and we got a new CDwallet so we'll have music down and back for the trip
since we're both leery of listening to our own work while we drive...
and my new Delorme arrived unexpectedly a day early so I can check my
maps this weekend... and next week this time we'll be in the midst of
the hub-bub at DragonCon -- hope to see many of you there!