August 22nd, 2005


Season closing quickly

We're looking at two of the lily variety this morning... and I think I counted 5 buds again. One is so tiny I don't know if we can possibly get a flower from it...

I got buzzed repeatedly by the humming birds as I was checking out the flowers. Anyone know what the end of hummer-season is in Maine? It must take them quite some time to travel south...

Yet another warning for readers: the hardback of Liaden Universe(R) Companion is just about sold -out. I think we're down to under 40. We'll be closing pre-orders online in two days. This hardback is a bittersweet success of sorts. Looks like I should have been brave and ordered 500 of the things. The trade paper is doing OK and will be around at least to Christmas if not til next Christmas.

Anyhow, a damp and cloudy morning, windless, with lots of crickets, clouds with a hint of darkness to them like they're building toward rain. This would be in keeping with the weather yesterday which went from cloudy to flawless blue -- and then included a line of storms that swept through at about 30 miles an hour, with wonderful roiling, almost *rolling* clouds and quick hard rain.

More later -- got a lot doing today.
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