August 21st, 2005


One Only

A single lily today...

but I discovered another bud. Looks like two or three for tomorrow, unless I miss my guess, which I sometimes do.

Strange night with broken sleep; too warm for awhile. I got up and sat with Patia and Max! for a bit, later, after I came back to bed, Patia decided to sing, after which I dreamed about the high school literary magazine... and several of the folks on it. Lot of dreams lately -- guess I have some stories brewing.

Meanwhile, several mornings ago I'd had a very strange dream involving a crashing airship from which I helped people escape. Today we watched Kiki's Delivery Service, about which I knew nothing...hmmm.

re topics above: If anyone sees Susan Pellegrino anytime soon, tell her I said hello. I went to school with her and we were both sort of arty kids who had dreams. She was going to be an actress, and I was going to be a writer. Well, you see what happens to kids with dreams, right? I rarely watch TV and I rarely get to NY, so I've never seen her in a TV show, and apparently for years running I've missed her in several plays in Greater NYC. Been kind of busy with the words, I have ... but was cleaning up my room just now and found her card from graduation tucked away in a box of old photos.

PS - Updated about 3 minutes after first post.
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