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it came out of the wordwork

Two of the lily variety...
and some of the flowers in the cat garden... and a cat in the window, were up for photography today, outtakes of which I don't have time to put online today... maybe later. I'm trying to get used to my new camera before DragonCon. Which reminds me of several emails I need to send... sigh.

Meanwhile, we've going to be closing pre-orders on the Liaden Universe(R) Companion hardcover next week if they don't sell out before then; looks like I should have been brave and ordered 500 instead of 300. Live and learn... on the other hand, we still have more than 900 unclaimed trade paper copies, so people can get their books....

I roughed out a Liaden Universe Infodump this morning, which rolanni is going over and will post soon. Watch for it.

Oh yeah, the day is very bright and very blue. It would be a good day to be at the ocean. Next year maybe we can get a week or two in -- one in Maine, one in Canada. That would be good.