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it came out of the wordwork

Scruffy morning
Which is to say that the fancy gray cat from next door, Scruffy, was sitting on our deck this morning waiting for a finch-or-hummer breakfast to fly in when I woke... I escorted her to the property line, sigh.

Scruffy and I have a difficult relationship in that -- other than her need to eat our birds -- I think she's a pretty nice cat. Our neighbor thinks all cats should be allowed free range, and of course, I don't. Between them our two closest neighbors have lost four or five cats to traffic in the last three years, which sorrows me.

Meanwhile, the day lily count is 3, plus one casualty -- while untangling one of them from the branch of a nearby bush I managed to break off a bud that was tangled in a lower branch... sigh. And the count is only going down. The day is slightly gray and the humidity currently high.

Breakfast calls, and does coffee. Then a fairly busy morning, methinks.

hyper attentive?
I've lived under airport landing lanes before, but now we're about 45 miles from the Bangor airport so we don't see all that many jets up close. We *do* see a fair number of National Guard training things, but otherwise...

So, when over our house we hear a large jet making a pretty sharp left turn, we go outside to look. And to wonder. At one point in my life a simple glance would have told me "which" jet it was.. these days I only know that it was a large two engine jet -- could be Boeing or Airbus -- and when last seen it had completed it's turn and was making a beeline for Bangor.

While we've got some interesting clouds the current local radar shows nothing of a storm... so maybe the pilot just forgot his lunch.

Sad that what was once merely interesting now is a concern.