August 16th, 2005


three also, and random news

Three lily-types, and finally two of the blue wonders in the cat-garden. The wildflowers are really late this year, but blame me...

Spoke to the printer rep this morning and it looks like corrections have reached him just in time to ... *maybe* get a few of Liaden Universe Companion to DragonCon. We'll worry a bit...

We watched another movie about George Sand. I wonder how many there are? This one was called Impromptu, I think... Why would we be interested in movies about writers, after all. Can anyone suggest others? We've seen both Shakespeare in Love and George Lucas in Love and though we could stand to see them both again maybe something else... My Netflix list is down to 27 I think.

I have not won the Tri-state megabucks. Again. My mother reports winning $52.10 in four hours at a casino in Delaware... so at least someone in the family is winning all the loot, right? Sigh.

Alas, no trip to the ocean today.

Finally, I wrote to a magazine yesterday because I had an article idea (which I didn't give them) asking for the *rest* of their writer's guidelines. They gave (on a website) vague word lengths, and some idea of time frame, but forgot to mention how much they pay. When I asked, they told me they have "no set rates." Well can I know if I'm interested enough to pitch an idea if they can't tell me even a ballpark figure of what they offer in return? I know, filthy pro writers....
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