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it came out of the wordwork

Three more, no less
The flowers are still blooming, which cheers me. I made two silly errors in putting together Liaden Universe(R) Companion, Volume One ... and so will have to change some stuff at proof stage, which isn't inexpensive. I sigh. Actually I curse, but you can get enough of that on LJ that you don't need mine added to the chorus.

Meanwhile I mailed a couple of our ARCs to Jenn on the weekend. If you've yet to pre-order a book and want one, now is a good time since we'll be traveling to DragonCon AND paying for the printing bill at the end of the month. It is a really good time to pre-order a hardback since we're closing in on the three hundred....
and by the way, the problem with printing is that there's a "plus-or-minus 10 percent" on orders... so we could end up with 270 hardbacks or 330 hardbacks... so we've got to reserve some to be sure we're covered.

Pfui. A phone call, but not the right one. Off we go, more later if time and energy permit.