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it came out of the wordwork

Hummingbird battles
Lord Black Cat
Up early, with things to do, and after feeding the cats I checked on the flowers -
only one today, with... it appears ... 24 buds. Weather this morning is gray and damp, with a slight breeze. Make me wonder if we can get to the ocean one day next week -- depends, I guess, on Irene and her winds...

While I was out I heard a fuss, sounding a bit like a chipmunk chittering. A glance toward the sound brought my attention to -- several hummingbirds hovering by a nearby pine tree, swooping at each other.

When I came in I glanced ta the hummer feeder on the deck, and there was one, back to, and then I scooped up Scrabble for her morning deck tour and just opening the door chased the hummer off. While we were out, though, one of the hummers came back, hovering about three feet away, apparently tying to decide if the feeder was safe with us so close. But... then out of nowhere came a roar of hum, and tweep tweep as another hummer came in and chased that one away. Scrabble was mesmerized....

So, brought Scrabble back in, got the finch food out, replenished *that* so the finches would have something to fight over later, and when I came in I glanced out again -- to see three hummers feeding at once at the saucer-feeder. But oops, then there were five of them, swooping and chittering at each other like oversize bumblebees. Ever since there seems to be a turf war going on, with chitters and zooms and dive-bombing like you wouldn't believe. These guys make bluejays look friendly!

Busy night it was -- kept waking up with things to put on my to do list. The scary things is that some of them actually make sense! One of those things'll take me out early to the post office... what a way to start a Saturday!

Acquired tastes... morning comics
This morning, I offer up Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!... understand that Brewester is something that's grown on me, just as Mac Hall has grown on the house, and so has the very strange Narbonic ...

I note that Narbonic and Mac Hall are both available in hardcopy, and think you ought to go get a copy or two. We've met half of the Mac Hall duo, not yet met Shaenon, Tim Rickard... or Brooke McEldowney of the also readable Chickweed Lane. I note that most of these strips are on-going or at least have mini-adventures; often a single day's installment may be confusing... I'd love to have a convention where all of these comics were panel topics, and the creators guests, just so I could meet them all. I'd also like to find someone to help me out (do the art) with my own comic... I had a collaborator for about two weeks in the distant past, but life got strange for him and we've since lost track of each other.

Those get read around here almost every day. What web-findable comics do you read before or with the coffee?