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it came out of the wordwork

trip to the vets and three flowers
Lord Black Cat
Three fresh flowers this morning, and ... I think it was 32 buds. So there's a few more to go through, anyhow.

Meanwhile, Max! has been not quite himself, and not eating well. This is a great concern since we've been giving him his thyroid medicine at breakfast and dinner. So, a visit to the vet coming up, this morning.

I'm glad we have a flexible enough schedule to grab the first available appointment. I guess it helps that the folks at the vet's office know we're not prone to false alarms about the cats.

News later. In the meantime, read a good book.


Max! had a nice visit with the vet, except for the toenail trim; upshot is that he's going on a slightly lower ration of his thyroid stuff until we get back from DragonCon, when he'll be re-evaluated...