August 9th, 2005


Three more and then a ride south later

Three more of the day-lily persuasion popped open this morning... and by looking at the buds remaining it appears we're now very much on the downward slide... maybe we'll have enough to get me to DragonCon....
I do keep thinking I'll make a day lily border on the side of our property facing the golf-course-style lawn.

Weather is ugly ugly as I found out while rescuing the hummingbird feeder, which was torn from it's post overnight. Walked outside for a few moments in the visibly thick air, rising temps, humidity. Later today a trip to Augusta to pick up the first dozen Advance Reading Copies, if all goes well.

Yes, I was relieved to see the shuttle land. Weren't you?

We've decided to try to take a few copies of the Local Custom audiobook to DragonCon; with luck we'll have some room somewhere to get them on sale.

Yesterday... more work on the office, and some work on Web of The Trident... WotT? WOTT? Maybe I'll confuise folks and call it "wootie"...

By the way, we finished watching Fruits Basket the other night. Wonder what it would be like to watch it non-stop... Was it Thuy who suggested that to us? Thanks. We've also seen Spirited Away, which was strange, too.

Also BTW: Mainley Yours, Stratton, ME -- really, if you're going the the Sugarloaf USA region anytime soon, do stop in and tell Joe we sent you. This is *not* a paid ad. It's because we really enjoyed the meal, and Stratton could use the tourists.

Saw some butterflies, hurrah. Do you remember when butterflies were common?
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