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it came out of the wordwork

Got out yesterday in the very early, seeing a single lily on the way out but not reporting in at all...
and traveled to the junction of Route 201 and 139, where I paused to adjust the new seat cushion. Trying to get in practice with it before we drive to Georgia seems reasonable. If the cushion is not useful we'll need to replace it before we start off on a pair of all day drives south.

Thence by road to Augusta, charging through the short lane of the rotary before diving down across the Father Whats-His-Name Bridge and through the twisty-turny back-streets to the Copy Center ... where Peter and friends were busily entertaining a gentleman who will be overseeing the putting of new walls in the place so they can have their new monster machine installed by October. This promises much joy later. The new machine requires clean air and a temperature controlled environment, and will be able to output single-pass perfect bound books, as I understand it. Also, poster at 4000 dpi plus. Whoa!

So we geek-talked dpi, throughput, image area, color-range, and numerous other wonders for awhile, before getting down to discussing PDFs, PSD files, Pagemaker versus InDesign, and etc -- this brought on by the fact that I'd brought Pagemaker files, and PSD file and such (on CD), so Peter and Aaron could use thier soon-to-be-obsolete equipment to make some ARCs of SRM Publisher's forthcoming Liaden Universe® Companion, Volume One.

Peter mentioned that he felt InDesign to be superior in all respects to PageMaker... and that they'd moved everything in house to InDesign ....Some Time Back. I guess the handwriting is in the air on this -- later in the day another printing/publishing person also gushed on InDesign, explaining how she and a friend had gone in together on the full-kit and that it was worth every penny and then some.

Peter ran a couple tests (on paper too short, alas) of the hardback cover and then a dozen or so of the paperback cover which will be used on the ARC. He also obliged me by printing several small posters of the cover, which I'll need to mount on core-board and take with me to DragonCon. Said posters look absolutely smashing. I know this because, later in the day, I ran a poster in front of our favorite local bookstore owner who admired it greatly, and a Liaden Universe fan who works in next door -- who wanted to frame it on the spot.

Also ran to the post office where a very important package was waiting, and then back to town to the bank, and, with music and mood quite manic, stopped at the KFC to pick up a once-in-six-months splurge -- an old fashioned chicken breast dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, and biscuits (2 each!)... which I was pleased to rush home with and share with Rolanni. The two elder cats demanded their share as well, but were not much amused with cole slaw. For the gourmet readers, I'll point out that the well-chilled box Sangria was quite successful with dinner.

A warning email arrived late in the day, suggesting that the Department of Environmental Persecution will be out soon to survey the test-wells to see if they can leave behind the gas still left in the ground by the old gas leak. We think they'll want to leave us the old test-building. We'd like to trade it in for a gazebo...

This morning so far I've been on the phone about the very important package, ordered in a triptik and travel information, and am proceeding on other to-do-list items that got put off yesterday.

And today, we have 4 fresh red exhibitionists on the property edge. Tomorrow, we'll have others.