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it came out of the wordwork

Fore.... for four
Four count on the day lily front, all bright and new. While I was examining them I got buzzed by two hummingbirds, who then occupied the feeder.... so I watched for awhile rather than disturbing them. A dove finally came rather awkwardly into the feeding station, shooing them away with bother and permitting me to come back in for my own breakfast with no guilt...

Hung in waiting for news on the book last night; while waiting I fiddled about on the Internet Chess Club for a bit. Fiddled is about right -- I played horribly. Maybe online chess *really* isn't my best choice for relaxing.

I'm pulling books to give away. Like 1996 web manuals. Got a box of four of them. Must weigh twenty pounds. There, did a couple more, and now I'm for getting breakfast.