August 1st, 2005


Three today, four yesterday

that's the lilly count -- 4, then 3.... sigh. I'd been hoping for that progression 1,2,4,8.....

A lot to do, so I'll be doing, with bated breath on the result of the late Friday ftp session to the printer.

The birthday is by. Double nickles. Zoom....

This morning is what we in East Winslow call an ocean day -- though we're not at the ocean it's damp, with a rolling breeze, and the distant tang that might have been carried all the way up from Camp Ellis.

We've had some good reaction to the new collection -- enough that the 300 hardcovers we decided to go for might get us through the Christmas buying season, but maybe not. The trade papers should be good through next spring, I figure. That'd be the Liaden Universe Companion which you can see here if you haven't been playing along regularly --

meanwhile, Sword of Orion is running with an improbably fluctuating ranking at and Crystal Solider is slowly fading -- which one might expect -- it's been selling on since this time last year even if it did come out in February. Women of War is doing pretty well for an anthology -- please consider it when you visit your local bookstore! Just read the first story or two to give it a chance....

Now to work. Maybe a dumpster and a powershovel will help...
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    J.J. Cale -- some days we make money, some days I dunno

and some days the bears win

Odds and ends of things today and in the end I managed to anger someone I was trying to inform and generally got slightly off-center with the world. Not something one wants to do, you understand. Weather got sticky when I was expecting comfortably cool, too.

The office phone was busy today, four or five incoming phonecalls and a number of emails; somewhere there Rolanni ended up having to take the brunt of someone's anger directed at me. Not fair to her, for sure, and I'm sure not as satisfying a resolution as might have been for the injured party. Mea culpa, but that's the way the world works, I guess.

Some of the phonecalls were about possible ink within the next week or two. We'll see.

I think I'll just vegetate for a few days. Might keep the lilly count up, though.
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