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it came out of the wordwork

two day lillies, and more
two new ones ...

and a ride to Belfast after breakfast, just trying to unwind from the last week.
Lots of people from away, and a tempting boat floating at the city pier with a for sale sign... 28 foot '84 glass-hulled cruiser (with a 350 Chevy and Volvo Penta transmission, IIRC) for $13,500. Sigh... and it was perfect day to convince someone that it would be a good idea to have such a hole in the water...
what mostly helped me walk on by was the skipper smoking a stogie -- bet the whole inside reeks!

So we walked up hill from the docks, wandered Belfast downtown proper, picking up a new cutting board and trivet, and getting me some dark chocolate bark at the new candy store.

On the way home via Route 3 we thought about stopping at Panera for some bread to go along with the leftover pasta... and then thought about Augusta traffic and came back through China, instead, after trying Toby's in Palermo to see if they had some fancy bread... no luck.

Thus, I gave in and went to Shaw's in Waterville, passing by the big LL Bean call center...where we saw a sign... indicating a THREE DAY SALE NOW ON. This'll be returned merchandise, but so what.

So after Rolanni found a nice focacia at Shaws -- and I found some Sangria for a classic pasta/bread-and-oil/silly-reddishwine lunch... we stopped at Beans and picked up a couple on-sale bags, getting the pair for a good bit less than the retail on the one I got. The call center does this about three times a year, so it was luck we happened to see it. We'd been going to go to the big Bean in Freeport tomorrow morning to pick me up a bag for my birthday, so now it's time to figure out where else to bop off to...

Seen by daylight today, a deer, couple eagles, couple herons, a cormorant, a bunch of alpaca (not wild, these) and the usual creatures who stand by the side of the road and such....

Came home to discover... that I'd turned off the email notification program so I couldn't see if anyone had been buying our books while we were off trying to wind down. On checking amazon I see Crystal Soldier isn't doing badly...but the surprise is Sword of Orion, which is running almost neck-and-neck with Crystal Soldier and isn't due out until October... oh, right, October's bopping right along, isn't it? About 60 days to go... And there were a couple more orders for Liaden Universe Companion, Volume One, which is a good thing since I've decided to go for 300 of the hardcovers instead of 200 and that order and check has already been mailed, thankyouverymuch.

Might check-in tomorrow, but maybe not.