July 29th, 2005


One today, one yesterday

The day lilly count -- one this morning, one yesterday.

I'd have mentioned yesterday's, but I was up to my armpits again in learning curve, and find myself on the verge of committing SRM Publisher for an upgrade in the publishing programs. Quark seems real displeased with the new offerings from Adobe -- the whole Creative Suite thing. Anyone got experience there? I have a copy of Scribus on one of the Linux boxes but don't feel I have enough current time-in-grade with real publishing programs to evaluate it. For that matter, my experience with Quark is 10 years old, I'd guess, and was light at the time... though I think Rolanni did some work with Quark... gee, I guess ending about 8 or 9 years ago.

So, technical discussion of publishing programs would be useful...

Meanwhile, my source tells me that one of my efforts is just about right and the other not so right, so off we go to get right. Haraumph.

Before that, some of the good news is that DragonCon admits that they've seen us -- we're not yet listed on the DragonCon site, but we do have the email accepting us -- and that we'll be available for panels and such; which is good, plus we've heard from at least one vendor/exhibitor (hucksters they were in my day, says the graybeard in me....) offering us a place to sign books. So that's coming together. Now all I have to to is get right. Maybe a Pepsi to get me going...
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