July 27th, 2005


Today's count -- two day lillies...

Two new blossoms today...
with the heat hitting the mid-80s and humidity out of this world. Air conditioner is on.

Been busy with an editor and dealing with newspapers over audiobook and collection PR stuff already.
Now back to work on a book cover...which was more or less due yesterday.

Cross fingers we've can still get this all done for DragonCon.
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Tornado signature... on *our* weather map?


who'd athunk it?

The weather map has for some minutes now been showing a tornado signature just north of Lake Winnepasaukee, over in NH. Some long distance from here, really, several hours of heavy riding west of us. On the other hand, the storm system is heading our way...

... Severe Thunderstorm Watch number 692 in effect until 800 PM EDT...

The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch
for portions of southern Maine and southern New Hampshire through 800
PM. Severe thunderstorms may produce damaging wind gusts up to 65
mph in and close to the watch area.

In southern New Hampshire... this watch includes the following
counties... Grafton... Sullivan... Carroll... Belknap... Merrimack...
Strafford... Rockingham and the adjacent coastal waters.

In southern Maine... this watch includes the following
counties... Oxford... Androscoggin... Kennebec... Waldo... York...
Cumberland... Sagadahoc... Lincoln... Knox and the adjacent coastal

May we live in interesting times, indeed!

I note that the LJ spellchecker is not familair with many of the place names in the list above....
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