July 26th, 2005


Come here often?

If you're a regular returning from last year, you'll know it's really summer when...
you get daily or near daily reports on the day lillies. And today, the first two of the year.

Right, I know, this is late. But hey, when we planted them they didn't have a big brother of an elm tree blocking out the morning sun...

In any case, two today, which makes me glad.

The other stuff I've been doing today has involved post offices, electronic file transfers, and other technical stuff that happens in getting a book together.

I shan't mention the heat, since the air conditioner and fan combination is keeping us cool enough.
Am considering attending the "free speech" meeting at the Winslow Public Library... a follow on to the town's parade banning of a pro-peace float in the July 4th parade.