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it came out of the wordwork

A very pretty day, marred by ignorance...
I hate the learning curve on some software; particularly I hate the learning curve I've had around and been meaning to "get to" for some time and then find I need now, and need right.

In this case PageMaker has been on my computer for a couple years, bought when I had big plans and a depression at the same time; it sat and until recently got opened about once a month with an "I ought to do something about learning this RSN"....

Real Soon has arrived; it turns out the printer *can* happily take PDFs... as long as the "application file" is also available in case they have trouble. And they don't want the application I've been using, so there...

I've used up a couple hours banging my head against stupidities -- my own -- and assumptions that "everyone knows" on the part of the software folks... I'm not bad with a help file, usually, but the helpfile doesn't want to work and I don't want to reinstall the entire application.... so, there's *that* rant for today. I could/should have been off at the ocean, or at the international movie festival and instead I'm inside listening to the breeze go by. The finch-fight doesn't help the feeling that I should have learned this program a long time ago...

Meanwhile, Rolanni has posted the latest
Liaden Universe Infodump in her Live Journal... and for you fans of Things To Com -- no, not the movie or story, but our next book, here's a link I've set up to a RATHER LARGE file,not great for dial=ups, I guess, a PDF of The Sword of Orion sell sheet. I note that the book cover illustrated is said to be not the final state, and I don't know when that final state will happen.

Meanwhile I hope Lance Armstrong has a good tomorrow now that he's won his time trial, I hope the Orioles get right, and I hope I don't run out of Pepsi because it seems like that's what I'm running on while I finish the re-setting of Liaden Universe Companion.