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it came out of the wordwork

Not yet busy next April? Like Open Source Software?

I need to get back to my stuff being written on OpenOffice 1.9 whatever... but I thought I'd mention that
we just got confirmation that we're to be the writing Guests of Honor at...

Penguicon 4.0: April 21-23, 2006
Open Source Software & Science Fiction Convention
Sheraton Detroit Novi
21111 Haggerty Road
Novi, MI 48375

To Register Now....or just look about....
early plans include a "make your own foam airplane" session...moderated by me and with assistance by whoever else I can rope in to help.

This is a pretty exciting gig for us, as we slowly move our operations over to Linux...

Also this morning, what looks like the final cover treatment for Liaden Universe(R)Companion, Volume One.
Hope to post that art here by the end of the day...

While I'm at it
I know these are brief things, but, sometimes that's what you get when you go blogging...

Wanna see cover art for Liaden Universe Companion Volume One?

Well then here you go, on one of the order pages. In theory there's another order page, but that link's not live yet -- it's for people coming from online ads.

Meanwhile, weather's been hot and sticky, not quite as bad today as yesterday, I'm told by people who
were in it. I've spent most of the day in this seat, so it's time for me to move around a bit.

--version 2. It *was* working, it just didn't look that way from here.