July 16th, 2005


Pottering about -- and more

So last night we went to Children's Bookcellar in Waterville (Maine, yes) and took part in our... third? ... Pottering there; had a good time, including a pre-Potter meal at a Freedom Cafe. Alas, I've seen the restaurant described elsewhere as "An unique culture experience of southern, creole and soul food". Lemme say this about that -- it's open on weekends, and if you're in town you ought to go. We both had genuine Maine wines from Winterport Winery along with our meals... I had meatloaf, mac and cheese, and candied yams -- and couldn't do justice to the plateful of food. The crew we went with included several ladies in full witch regalia one wearing a miniature griffin (that moved on command!) on her shoulder. The ladies shared their hats around (watch for photos on another blog) and the restaurant staff treated us all great. They even went along with all the genuine Polaroid pics! A place we'll go back to, I'm sure.

The Pottering itself was fun; Rolanni and I moved from station to station helping entertain and control the crowd -- for awhile we were door dragons (together and individually depending on other stuff), handing out the door prize coupons and saying hello to new arrivals, for awhile (again individually and together) we demonstrated chatter stones. I won a boon and ended up running the Harry Potter madlibs with about a dozen kids, which was a blast... and we saw lots of old friends, including several who'd been part of Circular Logic BBS many moons ago.

Got home late (Children's Bookcellar stayed open to 1 AM and moved most of their 100 plus copies of THE BOOK) and then the cats got us up early... sigh.

Behind the scenes here, things are moving fast and furious.

We've got a bit more grip on the Liaden Universe(R) Companion, which is good, (thanks gang, the subscriptions are a real help!) and we've seen an "eighty percent complete" rendition of the cover art without typography. I'm working on a couple trackable banner ads and getting the proof-reader's questions and fixes into the working file. I think Rolanni will be getting most of the jacket copy done by Tuesday... guess we ought to be asking for blurbs.

We still haven't seen the Local Custom audiobook -- but if you've heard it we'll entertain comments. What we have heard (there's still clips online at Buzzy Multimedia!) sounds real good.

And sometime soon we ought to have contracts in hand for the next two novels. That'll be good.
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