July 9th, 2005


A quiz, a test, a question....

Really, this is a memory and recognition test. But an easy one. Do try not to get too involved in the process of the test, it ought to be quick and painless, based on simple recall and pattern recognition of things that I think most of the people reading my blog are likely to look at quite frequently.

Without getting up and looking around to check... and if you can without taking your eyes from the screen... (OK, some of you can look at the keyboard if you have to...)

Describe the logo found on the spine of books from four different still extant publishers?

Which logo seems MOST appropriate? Which is most useless or unrecognizable? Which is most annoying?

Extra credit -- do any of these 4 publishers belong to the same conglomerate?

There's more......


This might just be a form of market research. Or it might just be the result of waking up at 4:30 in the morning with the niggling suspicion that there must have been a reason I was dreaming about looking at book spines. Over and over again. I used to dream about that when I was shelf-reading for the UMBC library, and again when I was shelf-reading for the Oakland Public Library. I'm not currently shelf-reading for anyone....
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Egoscan on a rainy afternoon while waiting for a computer to back-up...

3:22 PM .... and this was the state of some stuff they're selling on amazon.com and bn.com Collapse )

Meanwhile, the Orioles were winning 5-1 over the Red Sox, last time I looked -- may it continue so.I see Mr. Palmiero is close to joining the 3,000 hit club -- he's at 2997. You go guy!

Now to the scheduled updating of the SRM Publisher catalog... sigh. Might get done today...
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