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it came out of the wordwork

I think I've mentioned ...
I think I've mentioned here that it looks like we'll be going to DragonCon. In fact, we better go, since I've used up some of my neato SPG points making reservations... which I think are non-refundable. If anyone has any spare SPG points you don't know what to do with, the points I've aimed at DragonCon were going to be sending us to a nice hotel for a few days for our upcoming 25th anniversary... but such is the dedicated life of the freelancer!

However, things happen in bunches... and the idea of going to DragonCon stirred some other stuff around and we decided to get some other projects in gear so that we can make the most of the opportunity.

And so.... we're Read more...Collapse )

In other exciting news, my stepfather's 80th birthday was July 4.... but the celebration was July 3. We were told not to worry about not getting down to see him there in Owings Mills, Maryland; only a very small get together was going on, maybe Mom and my sister and her kids... you know, keeping it quiet.

Hah. Today we discover that folks came in from all over the Eastern US, that a new color tv was one of the gifts, that.... there was one heck of a shindig, a picnic just like the ones in the "good old days" when 80 or a 100 people might drop by for the 4th. Sigh... I don't feel quite like the cat in "Fruits Basket" but I can see where he was coming from.

So... the Orioles get a chance to play Boston again tonight... maybe they'll win a complete game so Francona can't talk about losing to the weather. It wasn't the weather that picked a guy off at second now, was it? I won't be watching that game, though, since we got all three of our Netflix videos in the mailbox, all mailed to us on different days, today.

Just so you know, we spent part of the day working on Crystal Dragon nits.

Me, I gotta go help feed the cats. But did I mention that we got a couple copies of Women of War? Good book. You ought to buy a few dozen.