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it came out of the wordwork

If your hard drive says QWA-zing... you hate it when computers sing

the plan was good. After a glitch a couple weeks ago we arrived at (as time and cost permitted) at an external hard drive for Rolanni; who dutifully began moving files, as time, energy, and concentration permitted.

The computer -- one Zander by name -- began refusing to reboot when shut down because of lightning storms, so despite the budget, yesterday we picked up a new computer with the plan of moving all the program files as soon as possible. We started moving the program files and the computer shut down. By itself. Without warning. Poot...

I rebooted it and the hard drive said, quite clearly, Qwa-zing.

I tried again. This time we got qwaznnnnnnnnnnggggggg.

I hate it when computers sing.

If you're expecting email from Rolanni -- contact her (or me) and her new email program will put you in her new address book. The old one, and backed email, never made it off the old machine, a 1.2 GHZ AMD with many electrons through the circuits and many cooling revolutions about the fan. I'll be pulling parts from it, I guess.