July 1st, 2005


As just mentioned elsewhere -- news of sorts


been a busy day, despite the gloom, and it looks like we're close to settling prices on the upcoming 320 page Liaden Universe Companion, Volume 1. This will contain one dozen stories (how else?) including all of the stories from the first 5 Adventures in the Liaden Universe chapbooks as well as an additional story -- "The King of The Cats" -- which appeared first in a mixed collection. Pricing for something like this is hard, especially when it comes to shirt-run hardbacks... we expect both hardback and trade-paper editions, with a color cover. The cover will not be easy on such quick notice, I fear...

This is an SRM Publisher project, even though it looks like the financing we were hoping to use is no longer available. We'll be asking for supporting subscriptions to help make this happen. Supporting subscriptions will be higher than the base book prices, will include postage/insurance/tracking ... and with luck will be taken starting next week. We're aiming at a fall publication date; the printer will have a better idea of the schedule for us next week.

Second, and against *all* our expectations for the last few years, it looks like we'll be going to DragonCon this year. We've never been to DragonCon and hadn't expected this to change... but, as with our unexpected trip to the BEA in NYC, it looks like, career-wise, it's time for us to do this. If anyone's going to be at DragonCon... let us know. As always, we'll be delighted to have a Friends of Liad breakfast and any other FoL type thing that can be comfortably arranged. If you'll be there, please let us know.

And hey -- the pizza's ready! Let's eat!
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