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it came out of the wordwork

Officially busy
While we're doing officially hot (yeah, gonna be another warm one, looks like, right now the temperature is...said to be aimed at 80 but our deck thermometer is reporting that now...) I might mention that other stuff has been going on:

For example,

we spoke on the phone with Richard of Embiid electronic books yesterday...and it looks like the Embiid edition of our most recent Lee & Miller chapbook -- That'd be With Stars Underfoot -- will be available on or around August 1, 2005. During the same conversation came up the question of... an ebook version of Crystal Dragon. Cut to the chase: we expect Crystal Dragon to be available as an Embiid ebook come fall, 2005. And yes, we hear from Richard that slow progress is being made on an Embiid reader that will run on the WinCE/Pocket PC platform. No date on the new reader, but it is being worked on.

Elsewise, we see that Buzzy Multimedia is still planning on a release of the Local Custom audio book around July 10... If you've ordered this already, please feel free to let me know when it gets to you.

Also, Liaden Universe(r) Companion, Volume One, still may get out this year. As soon as we have those printer quotes in and analyzed details and dates will be on the SRM Publisher catalog website.... I Really Want to have this in hardback, but reality may intervene.

And yes, we are planning a 2005 Liaden Universe(R) yule chapbook. Details TBA, depending on other schedules.

And for kickers, we hear from Sweden and elsewhere that the anthology Women of War is out. And we hear from Augusta and elsewhere that it is *not* out. Obviously YMMV, but there's a Miri/Liaden Universe® story leading the anthology off (which pleases, yes). Please let me know if you see the thing and we'll get to map the date reality comes to your town -- since the "official" pub date is July 5th and it's still June where I am. I note that it looks like some of the genre bookstores are stealing a march on Borders and Barnes and Noble and Amazon on this by getting stuff right on the shelf...

So, for geeks following the story at home... I've rigged the Toshiba laptop to boot from USB; we still don't have a linux boot from USB, but all things in due time... if the Toshiba will run on Linux at all.

Heat Wave in Central Maine....
Waterville, Maine

Local Time: 2:08 PM EDT Lat/Lon: 44.5° N 69.6° W
Current Conditions
Updated: 1:55 PM EDT on June 27, 2005
Observed at Waterville, Maine
Elevation: 331 ft / 101 m
Clear 90 °F / 32 °C

If a heat wave takes 3 days in a row with temps 90 or over... we're there. My remote thermometer tells me it hit 94 briefly and claims it's 93 now... and we're a bit away from the airport, where there are are a couple nearby streams/rivers/lakes to help moderate temps a bit. As to the claims that the sky is "clear"... guess they haven't tried to look across the valley to the next hill.

Meanwhile, the Toshiba laptop refuses to see the external drive during boot-up, which makes it hard to dump Linux on the external drive. Will consider options... like maybe making the Satellite a dual-boot machine and using the external drive for all those files. Or, maybe I should just try the external on the HP. Enough playing with this for the moment; duty calls in the form of building some templates.