June 26th, 2005


Zip drives going, going... almost gone....

I'm just about out of the funk I got into because of the delay in the medical plans; it doesn't help that we canceled our usual week at the ocean (this would have been the perfect week) in order to be sure that nothing would get in the way... of course who could plan on catching a cold at the BEA?

Elsewise today's trick is to stay cool and dry while staying busy, since the heat's and the humidity seem to be running at about the same ugly number -- 80something.

So, I'm printing up a bunch of hundred flyers to go to conventions. So, if you're going to a convention this summer and can carry some flyers let me know. Looks like we'd be sending fifty or a hundred copies each of flyers for Crystal Solider, Mark Tiedemann's Other Ways, With Stars Underfoot, and the latest PinBeam Quarterly.... please write if you've got room. I'll be making up packs of these today and tomorrow, looks like.

Also on tap since we now both have CD burners and external hard-drives for back-up is reformatting all our old zip disks and removing the Zip 100s and Zip 60s from our back-up inventory. That's 30 or 40 of the disks and two or more zip drives (can't recall what's in the basement, but there's a pair of zip 100s up here). Know anyone who can use these?

And in the midst of all this busyness comes the news that Baltimore-area fan Bobby Gear, who had a stroke just before BaltiCon and then was discovered to be suffering from pancreatic cancer, died in a hospice yesterday. She is survived by husband Marty Gear, the well-known cloaked masquerade impresario. Bobby got started in fandom in the early 80s if I recall correctly, and had been involved in many conventions and much fannishness. Another loss for fandom and the science fiction community.
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